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Name: Sakshi Dubey
Profession: Home Maker
How do you know : I am a parent
Comments: The new software and Website installed are having a wonderful response from our parent's Side. I do not find myself cut from my child's academic life. I congratulate Greenville Public School for taking a tremendous step in the growth of the Students.....Thank You Principal Ma'am......
Name: pawan kumar
Profession: Nazul Officer
How do you know : Referred by a friend
Comments: Its a good and vibrant Website. Greenville is rising at a faster pace and an aura of smart and energetic teachers who are ready to listen to problems of parents and making the children understand the same. Nice Work respected Principal ma'am.
Name: Yusuf
Profession: Manager
How do you know : Referred by a friend
Comments: Wow !!! What a beautiful website. Found all the Info needed !!!
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